US Poker Sites at PokerBonusCode.netNot so long ago, online poker players in the US were thinking that they would never be able to legally play the game again.  Fortunately, there were many online poker sites that knew what it would take to ensure that players in the US could continue to play the game and these poker rooms have thrived.  While the choices that a player in the United States might not be that great, there are still quite a lot of online poker rooms out there for you to choose from, so you need a site that will help you to make the best choice for you. has a special section for players in the US.  This is where you can go to find out everything you need to know about the online poker sites that are legal to play in your country.  Want to know about the rewards and bonus program of a certain poker room in the US?  Poker Bonus Code has writers that not only know about poker, but they also play poker.  They don’t write a review until they’ve established the ins and outs of the poker room in question.  This helps you, the player to enjoy in depth information about the sites you’re considering playing on.

Want to know which poker rooms in the United States offer the best sign on bonuses?  Poker Bonus Code offers exclusive codes so that you can enjoy the game – and bigger bonuses – more than you could if you looked on any other review site.  Not only that, but when it comes to details about how to turn your bonuses into money in your bank roll, you’ll find that the details are all there – before you sign up, so all you have to do is get in there and play.

Some online poker sites offer a points system where players can redeem them for prizes.  Other sites offer you the option to cash out your winnings. explains what your options are and how you can get the most for your online poker playing dollar, so you don’t wind up making a choice you wish you hadn’t.

Another important part of online poker is the tournament that players can enjoy.  This is how players can win big money, but some sites have limited space and other sites focus almost exclusively tournament play.  Find out about what you’ll need to do to enjoy the tournaments you really want to enjoy before you join a site so you can get right to the part of poker playing you really enjoy.

When it comes to playing online poker in the United States, the rules have changed.  If you don’t understand them, you might find that you wind up choosing an online poker site that isn’t right for you.  That’s why places such a focus on helping you to understand the laws in your area, so you can start enjoying the game – without all the hassles of not knowing.

Lock poker MaximusLock Poker, which is part of the Merge Network, is offering one of the most exciting online poker tournaments of the year as the 2012 Poker Maximus Series, which started March 4th, continues. The Poker Maximus tagline, which says “A Legend Will Rise,” reveals just how intense the competition is and what a major force this event is in the online poker world. With over $2.5 million total in prizes, this tournament is one of the biggest around and there’s still plenty of time to join in as the series runs through Sunday, March 25th.

It’s easy to compete. There are 70 poker events with at least three being offered each day. Simply sign up at Lock Poker and make your first deposit. Then get ready to play in an array of tournaments, including a $10,000 Mini Main Event, the 3 x $150,000 Guaranteed Sunday Tournaments and the $85,000 High Rollers Main Event. It’s important to note that you don’t need a lot of cash to be a player in this online competition. Buy-ins range from as little as $1.10 and up to $530.

For as little as $0.55 you can enjoy a qualifying satellite tournament that can get you into the $200,000 Guaranteed Main event. The Main event, which is going to be held on March 25th, will help closeout the Poker Maximus Series. The top prize-winner is guaranteed at least $50,000. The buy-in for this event stands at $109. Of course, you’re not confined to sitting down at just the tables reserved for this unique series.

Lock Poker has a wide range of scheduled buy-in and sit-and-go tournaments, and there’s everything from low to high stakes cash games. This is an active site with a lot of players and the Poker Maximus Series is drawing many more to tables and increasing sign ups. If you don’t play there yet, use this bonus code from Lock Poker bonus code THEFUTURE for getting yourself the best bonus for this excellent poker room.

Included is Event # 52, which is a Players’ Choice tournament that will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20th at 18:00. This event will be chosen by the players through three polls on the Facebook Page of Poker Maximus. Once the polls are complete, the tournament speed and buy-in will be determined. Then players will be able to register for this special and unique event.

Also, there’s a Poker Maximus leaderboard that will be used to determine those who get to compete in an exclusive freeroll. On hand is $25,000 in prize money that will be distributed to those who finish in top spots once the entire event is over.

If you’re interested in being part of what is one of the most important online poker tournaments this year, it’s time to register for some of the events in the 2012 Poker Maximus Series. This tournament is designed for the gladiator poker player. That is it’s for those who love intense competition and who are driven to win major accolades. They will thrive here. The Poker Maximus Series is seeing heated competition presently. Every online poker player should make the best of it. If you want to find out more, read the review on this excellent poker room here at

PKR Poker Review 2012

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PKR PokerIn this review about PKR Poker, we’re going to look at some of the innovative features that define this brand, consider the games and promotions on-hand and offer you the PKR bonus code that will give you a wealth of benefits. PKR Poker is a premium site that continues to grow and develop.

PKR Rakeback and Bonuses

There’s more than one PKR bonus code from which you may choose. Whichever promotion you decide to go with that code will also activate the PKR rakeback that is available to all new players.  How much of a rakeback do your get? New players receive a solid 30% on the amount they contribute to the rake in all money games. That’s a real deal.

For those who are just starting to play there’s a special sign up bonus, which is named appropriately the Starter Bonus. If you’re new to the game and online poker and are going to make a small deposit, this is a quick way to get $5.00 extra loaded into your account. To secure the bonus simply make a first deposit of at least $10.00; then earn one PKR Point and you’ll get $5.00 added to your account.

If you’re going to deposit a greater amount, then the Intermediate Bonus or Advanced Bonus could be right for you. With the Intermediate Bonus, players are awarded a 100% match on up to $150.00 and the Advanced Bonus gives you 150% on initial deposits between $150.00 and $500.00. The Intermediate Bonus is released in 5% increments and the Advanced offers 10% at a time.

There are additional benefits that go along with your first deposit. Players receive one free ticket to the $10,000 GTD Mini Masters event (which is worth $5.50), a ticket to the next $2,500 depositors freeroll (played the second and fourth Sunday of each month) and 5,000 extra PKR Points. The points may be used in various ways, including to buy a seat at a premium freeroll tournament.

Lifelike Avatars

This would not be a full review about PKR Poker without an explanation of their unique environment and avatars. When you navigate to the site and first see the poker room and characters you’ll be impressed with the three-dimensional look of each and every aspect. But this is just one part of what is an extremely vivid, lifelike experience. You can design almost every element and characteristic of your poker player. You can make them into your own image or someone else’s if you want to do so.

Plus, PKR Poker’s avatars have a special feature that the site calls Emote Control. Using this feature you can display your player’s emotions in big and subtle ways. You may elect to confront an opponent, try to fake out the rest of the table with a false tell or read other player’s tells.

Your View of the Table

There are numerous views available of your poker table. Select one, such as the angle that allows you to see everything from your player’s point of view and then switch to an overall view of the table. Go to a close up on another players face and then switch to a different player when the flop hits. Plus, if you’re playing multiple games at once, you’ll be able to view up to nine tables.

Plenty of Games

The range of choices, from mini to high stakes, sit and goes, tournaments and ring games and Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Ho Lo, Stud and Razz, is first rate. Be sure to use the PKR Poker bonus code to secure every possible benefit. This review about PKR Poker comes to the conclusion that this is a topnotch site offering players great benefits and a first class gaming experience.

PKR Rakeback and Bonus Facts

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PKR PokerPKR is one of the most advanced online poker rooms with great bonuses and a fantastic rakeback program for new players. You’ll want to be sure to use the PKR bonus codes and the rakeback code when you sign up. These will ensure that you get the most out of this site. There’s numerous ways for players to earn lucrative and exciting rewards on PKR.

PKR is known for its amazing three-dimensional poker rooms, highly individualized characters and life-like play. It includes Emote Control, a feature that allows you to control your characters in numerous ways. Use it to utilize tells, show your mood and create any attitude you’d like.

Plus, there’s a complete range of games at PKR, including freerolls, low and high stakes cash games and numerous tournaments. There’s no end to the action and fun.

Bonuses for All

There are numerous PKR bonus codes for first time deposits. Each code allows you to receive one of three bonuses. The choice of which bonus you go for is all up to you. There’s a great bonus for those who are just beginning to play. This sign up bonus, which is called the Starter Bonus, is fine for the neophyte who will be playing low stakes games. All you need to do is make an initial deposit of $10.00. After you earn one PKR Point, you’ll receive a $5.00 bonus. The Starter Bonus is simple and easy to convert.

A second bonus code will set you up to receive a 100% Intermediate Bonus on a first deposit of up to $150.00. As you earn points, the bonus is released in 5% increments. The third and final reward, the Advanced Bonus, offers 150% on deposits between $150.00 and $500.00. This bonus is released in increments of 10%.

Plus, each initial deposit bonus offers other rewards including one free ticket to the $10,000 GTD Mini Masters event (which is worth $5.50), entry to the next $2,500 depositors freeroll (held the second and fourth Sunday of each month) and 5,000 free PKR Points. You may use these points to enter a premium freeroll, to purchase merchandise in the PKR store or on your avatar.  Players making a first deposit also receive an automatic upgrade that allows them to utilize Club PKR benefits and various premium freeroll tickets where they can compete for a prize pool of $3,000.

PKR Rakeback

Also if you sign up using a special PKR rakeback code, you’ll receive the site’s 30% rakeback that’s reserved for new players.  The amount of rakeback a player receives is determined by the amount of money they contribute to the pot. In calculating rakeback in this manner, which is known as the contributed method, the amount bet by the player is tracked and then the amount from that bet that went into the rake is calculated.

As an example, if the pot totaled $200.00 and the rake was $4.00 (2%), and you were responsible for $80.00 of the $200.00 in the pot, then that means that you contributed $1.60 to the rake.  You would receive back 30% of the $1.60 of the rake you contributed, which would be equal to $0.48 in rakeback. Players receive their rakebacks from the previous month between the first and tenth of the next month. This is a very good deal for loose aggressive players who often contribute to a high number of rakes and are looking to recoup extra cash.

Get Started Today

There’s no time like the present to sign up at PKR. Don’t forget the PKR rakeback code so that you can get the most out of each and every real money game. Of course, you want to take advantage of the PKR bonus codes, using the right one to activate the signup bonus of your choice. Choice is one word that defines this online poker room.  PKR gives you more control than just about any other room on the Internet. Take control at the poker table today at PKR.

Party Poker Offers Bonus Cash

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Party PokerParty Poker is one of the biggest online poker sites around, and it offers players a lot of benefits and features. Tools to help you become a better poker player, amazing promotions connected to the World Poker Tour and lucrative freerolls are just a few of the site’s highlights. Once you download Party Poker, create your account and make your deposit, which is matched 100% on up to $500.00, you’ll be ready to rock and roll on this extremely busy site.

Rakeback Feature

One promotion that can pay off big in many ways is the Party Poker rakeback feature. The rakeback on this site offers a very generous payout of two Party Points per dollar of rakeback paid. Available on real money games, this gives players a great opportunity to get extra cash that they can utilize in various ways.

Use cash earned to purchase merchandise at the site or convert your points into bonus cash that may be used at the poker table.  When you exchange your points for bonus cash, you get more money for your Party Points.

As an example, earning 750 points gets you $15.00 cash or $30.00 in bonus cash. Bonus cash is a great way to add power to your online account. Utilize it to maximize your potential at the poker table.

Party Poker Freerolls

Although the Party Poker rakeback feature is generous, that’s not the only way this worldclass site gives players more for their money. Each month they offer $100,000 in freerolls, including a weekly $1,500 new player tournament every Saturday. These freerolls cost nothing to enter and the payout can be substantial.

Enjoy the Variety

You find a number of great games at Party Poker. Once you download, you’ll be able to play Texas Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo. There’s also 5-card and 7-card Stud. Plus, the site also offers the innovative Double Holdem. This version of Holdem allows you to play two hands at once.

In this game, you’re dealt three hole cards. After the flop, the player designates one of their hole cards as their point card. The two other hole cards are used in conjunction with the point card and the community cards. One hole card is used with the point and community cards to form one hand and the other hole card is used with the point and community cards to form a second hand. Your strongest hand is then played.

This is an advanced strategy game that really tests your ability to read the board and consider various combinations. The additional hole card can also limit the number of outs players have in a hand. Betting can be intense and the rake can be substantial, which means more Party Points in your account.

The Rakeback Payback

The rakeback at Party Poker pays up to 50%. There are five point levels with the final two being Palladium and Palladium Elite. At these levels, players are earning at least 9,000 Party Points per quarter. The payouts are big. Earn 10,000 points at the Palladium and you receive either $600.00 (12%) in cash or $1,000.00 (20%) in bonus cash. When you reach the Palladium Elite level of 40,000 points, you get either $3,500 (17.5%) in cash or $7,000 (35%) in bonus money.

One thing can be said about Party Poker—it is one of the most innovative rooms around.  The Party Poker download makes it as simple as can be to enjoy the rakeback feature, freerolls and new version of Texas Holdem. Enjoy this quality site.

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